Alternatives to Juvederm

Posted on October 25th, 2016

p7So what happens if you have dermal filler treatment that doesn’t work, in that the good first results disappear within a few weeks instead of lasting for as long as they are supposed to? This can happen if your body works extra efficiently in removing extraneous material – possibly people with fast metabolism may find this happens.

Don’t worry. There are alternatives to Juvederm that may work a whole lot better for you. So you don’t have to suffer from those wrinkles after all, but it is essential to discuss the alternatives with your doctor before going ahead. He will be able to suggest a drug that is in his considered opinion, likely to give better results that the Juvederm, which after all is made mainly from a substance normally found in the body, so can often be absorbed more quickly than a foreign substance.

Here are some of the other drugs that can be used in dermal fillers. In some cases they are different forms of Juvederm that may work better for a specific reason.

  • Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus can be used so long as you didn’t have an allergic reaction to Juvederm. They are more dense that the normal Juvederm and so will last longer in the body.
  • Restylane – produced in a sterile laboratory from non-animal hyaluronic acid, it is used in cases where allergic reaction may be suspected. It lasts 6 months or more.
  • Perlane – is used for deeper wrinkles and while made from the same material as above, the particles are larger and so can be injected more deeply. It is not advised for the lip area.

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