Understanding What’s Behind Botox Treatments

Posted on November 24th, 2006

Without a doubt Botox has become the most widely used non-surgical treatment in the fight against signs of aging. You hear a lot of horror stories as well as a lot of success stories, but before you allow this toxin to be injected into your body you should at least learn the facts. If asked about Botox treatment you will get a wide variety of answers about what it does and how it affects the body. Some users will swear it is the greatest thing since the microwave while others will say that it is the worst experience of their lives.

There are many who say that using Botox interferes with the ability to express yourself. Emoting feelings is hard, such emotions as joy, sadness and anger are dulled not to mention that the facial muscles cannot move so it will not be able to register on your face in its normal manner. Understanding the science behind botox is important if you are going to use this treatment.

It was originally used to treat people with neurological disorders and overactive muscles. It is also used to help those suffering with excruciating persistent migraine headaches. It was not until the late 1980’s that the drug was approved by the FDA for medicinal uses. In 2000 it was approved yet, again for another disorder, cervical dystonia.

During one of its many clinical trials researchers became aware of the effect Botox had on the lines and wrinkles of the face. Once this got out, Botox soon became a much sought after drug and its use skyrocketed. Often women would pay hundreds of dollars, to people who had only had a 7-8 hour course in its use, to have this toxin injected into their faces.

Botox works so well because it literally paralyzes the muscles in the face. Generally it is injected into the forehead and around the mouth and eyes to soften the lines that are formed from years of laughing, smiling, squinting and crying. Botox softens all of these lines giving the face a more youthful appearance. A lifetime of wear on the face can be erased through regular treatments.

Does it last?
Nothing in life last forever, but the effects of a single injection will last for up to five months. Once the medication is injected the results are instantaneous although the full effects won’t be visible for up to 3 days. It is a good thing these injections last as long as they do because they do not come cheaply.

In the USA the average cost for a treatment is $350.00 and this is price is not for every area. The area around the eyes generally will cost a lot more, sometimes up to $500.00. when it comes to an area like the forehead $1500 to $2000 dollars is not unheard of. That is why botox is seen as a solution to aging that for now is only for the affluent.

Finally there are risks with this drug that you do not find with creams and other cosmetic preparations. Botox is a toxin and it is derived from the very bacterium that causes botulism. Some people have very serious reactions to it and these could even be life threatening.