3 Critical Questions To Answer When Planning Your Botox Clinic’s Website Design

3 Critical Questions To Answer When Planning Your Botox Clinic’s Website Design

Posted on February 7th, 2021

When it comes to designing a website for your Botox clinic, it should receive the same thought and consideration as any other part of your business, especially if you are hoping to gain clients online. If so, you need to consider the 3 crucial questions that web designers, www.slinkywebdesign.com.au, ask every single client before they start designing their website.

The reason these questions are asked is that if they were to simply go ahead and build a website that does not have any purpose, does not appeal to the audience it is aimed at, and does not provide any potential visitor with a positive experience, then that website will not perform anywhere close to its potential.

By ‘perform’, we do not mean how the website functions technically, nor its appearance, although these could conceivably be influenced by the answers to the 3 questions we are discussing, but rather, what it is achieving with respect to growing the business it represents, converting prospects, and promoting the business’s brand. By now, you are probably wondering what those 3 questions are, so let us look at them, and why we ask them.

Question 1: What Is The Purpose Of Your Website?

The reason this is a key question is that each business does not operate in the same way, and that also applies to their respective websites. This means that each website will have a different objective or set of objectives, depending on what the business owner is striving to achieve.

Some websites will be purely to promote the brand and image of the business, whilst some will be to start a relationship with the visitor so that they become a prospect and ultimately a paying client. Some websites may be educational in nature, and others will have the sole objective of getting someone to take out their credit card and buy a product or service. As such, knowing exactly what the website’s objectives are will be vital to ensuring the design of the website aids them.

Question #2: What Is The Website’s Target Audience?

There is an old sales expression that goes ‘Man without target, hit nothing’ and it can be applied in many fields, such as sport, business and even in your personal life. In other words, you need to know what you are aiming for and then take actions to achieve it. This applies to a website with regards to its target audience, as the more you know about that audience the better the design will be.

For example, the audience for your Botox clinic’s website will cover a certain demographic with regards to gender, age, and income bracket. Your audience is almost certainly not teenage boys, therefore the images, videos, content, colour scheme, and layout will not be targeted towards pleasing that group. Instead, it will more likely appeal to females, over 35, and who have the means to fund Botox treatments.

Question #3: What Type Of User Experience Will Your Visitors Have?

Almost every aspect of your website design must be created with a view towards whether it adds to the positive experience anyone visiting your website will have. This applies to the overall layout, how easy it is to navigate, the quality of the content, the technical functions, and if any calls to action are clear, to name but a few. Anything which negates that experience needs to be removed or improved, and that applies on every page of your Botox clinic’s website.