Eight Tips to Help Avoid Botox Side Effects

Posted on June 14th, 2013

Botox Side EffectsBotox injections are a popular treatment for getting rid of facial wrinkles, especially in the upper part of the face. These injections can also be used around the lips to remove those vertical lines that sometimes appear. However, dermal fillers might be a better choice for this area, especially considering they last longer. Not everyone has side effects from using Botox and those that do may only experience one or two of the several that can affect patients.

While many side effects are not very bad, it’s better to not suffer from them, so here are 8 tips to help lessen the likelihood of getting any side effects.

  • Only allow a respected medical professional to do the injections in a medical setting. Then if you do have side effects, they can be treated properly and at once.
  • Always tell the doctor about any health problem you have, even it is an unimportant one.
  • Tell the doctor what medications you are on, including over the counter vitamins and herbal supplements. Some of these products can interact with Botox and cause problems. Tell the doctor if you’ve recently had antibiotic injections or take allergy or cold medication.
  • Follow the instructions for pre and post procedure care to the letter. If you leave something out you are putting your body at risk. The doctor knows exactly what care such a procedure needs to get the best effect and avoid side effects.

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