Botox Treatment Costs

Posted on July 17th, 2012

Asking how much a Botox treatment cost will get the same type of answer you would get from a carpet cleaner or a hairdresser about their services. They will all tell you a version of, “it depends”, and it really does depend on a lot of different factors. Botox treatments change with the neighborhood literally, the price can change with the geographical location.

You cannot find a celebrity 25 and older that has not tried it. It is easy and effective and for most to them cost is not a consideration, they will pay what it costs to stay younger looking as long as possible. And besides Botox is much less invasive and costly than plastic surgery.

The reasons that the costs vary so much is simply because every person’s needs are different. If you only need forehead shots why pay for crows feet and laugh lines and vice versa. Clinics and so called specialists often advertise on a “cost per area” basis. Doctors have said that for the best prices look for providers that charge on a “cost per unit basis”.

The typical treatment is somewhere between $300-1200.00, and this too dependent upon your needs and the provider. The huge factor in the cost of Botox is that procedure has to be repeated every 3 months. If you go to a private nurse at one of those mall kiosk you will find the Botox is generally priced by the unit. This is around $9-12 per unit and that averages out to $200-$300 per area, a full face can run up to $600.00. The price goes up again if you choose to go to a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. You will be looking at $600 dollars or more for your treatments.

It is entirely possible to find Botox treatments at extreme discounts but be warned you will lose in quality what you sane in cost. Another way to get your Botox free or nearly free is to host a Botox party. Invite your friends and get huge discounts for each one that gets a treatment and even more in savings if they book parties of their own.

It is always cheaper to buy Botox treatments from a professional that buy the product in bulk than from someone who purchases it retail. Also remember that the cost is second to your health and safety, sure it might cost a bit more to go to a licensed provider but as the old saying goes you do get what you are willing to pay for.

Do not be fooled by people claiming that you can get these treatments dirt cheap, if is that cheap you have to ask yourself, why? Many unscrupulous people will sell a watered down product that is less effective or a fake product that could be damaging. Always look for the most qualified person when you decide to have someone inject botox, never forget that although it is relatively safe it is still a toxin.