14 Tips to Look Your Best at Work – and Why it Matters

Posted on January 27th, 2017

botox for businessSome women go to the extreme and get Botox injections to ensure they look good at work. If you don’t have any wrinkles yet, the best idea is to make sure you dress appropriately for your industry. People who don’t dress correctly may be noticed for all the wrong reasons and this can affect their chance for promotion. Here is a list of tips to help you get it right.

  • Make sure your clothes fit properly. Too tight, too short and too big are all to be avoided if you want to be noticed for what you can do rather than a provocative look. This applies to men too.
  • Men should wear long socks with trousers so that no skin shows when they sit down or cross their legs. The tie should be of the correct length and tied neatly at the top.
  • If you wear glasses, make sure they don’t slide down your nose all the time as this can be annoying, especially if you are giving a presentation.
  • As simple as it may sound, you should always dry your hair before leaving the house. Otherwise your look will say you haven’t got it all together, which will include your career.
  • Keep your bag clean and tidy on the inside if you have one that is open at the top. Men should never wear a knapsack as it makes them look like they are still at college.
  • Many women think a good spray of strong perfume is the right thing, but in fact, no one should be able to smell you, perfumed or not.

  • Shoes are totally important. Not only should they be comfortable with medium heels, they should be well kept and polished, especially men’s shoes. Women’s shoes should not be neon coloured.
  • If your shoes are open-toed, make sure your toenails are manicured properly.
  • Pantyhose and closed shoes give a neater, more finished look.
  • Watch your watch. Not to make sure you leave at 5pm, but to ensure this most looked at accessory matches your outfit. You don’t need to wear a diver’s watch to work unless you’re a dive instructor.
  • Rich, dark colours give a stronger, more authoritative look than light colours. That said, when giving a presentation, don’t wear something that will blend into the background, making you almost invisible.
  • Don’t wear too much jewellery; you don’t need a ring on every finger – or your nose.
  • Men should leave bushy beards for the bush. If you must wear a beard or moustache, make sure they are well-trimmed and neat.
  • Men, not all face shapes are suited to facial hair, so make sure yours is before adding it to your look.