The Science And The Truth Behind Botox Treatments

Posted on March 3rd, 2007

p3Botox is one of the most popular treatments on the market today in the fight against aging. What many users and potential users fail to realize is that there is sound science behind this little miracle. It might surprise many that this toxin was first researched as an agent for chemical warfare by both Japan and the United States. Many of our conveniences and medical breakthroughs were discovered quite by accident while researchers were perfecting new weapons of war.

The reason it was thought of as a great weapon was the fact that it really can paralyze muscles. And if ingested in large enough dosages it could even stop the heart and lungs from functioning. We do not relay this information as a scare tactic, quite the contrary, we are certain that the more you know about this product the more you will understand why it is important to seek professional providers when you decide to use it.

It takes an awful lot of Botox to cause that type of damage, over 3500 units to be exact. Providers generally use 6.2units or less depending on the area for their injections for crows feet and for laugh-lines that crease the forehead it is only 17.3 units. The Botox actually disrupts the information transfer from nerve to muscle, but this is only a temporary condition. Even plastic surgery is considered a temporary fix.

There are two types of facial treatments, static and dynamic. The dynamic lines are the ones that stem from muscle use when you show emotions such as surprise or anger. These lines are meant to disappear as we overcome these emotions but over time these lines can become etched into the planes of the face. These lines are called hyper-functional lines and they are where the treatment with Botox will begin.

The injections are done using a needle and syringe set up like the ones used daily in many offices and hospitals. There is one piece of special equipment needed to make the best use of this medicine. This is the EMG, this is connected to the syringe in an attempt to locate the right muscles, and these would be the ones that are used the most.

The science and the truth about Botox would not be not complete if you do understand the other benefit that is gained by the use of Botox. This is one treatment that also has a psychological effect on its users. Once these excessive signs of aging have been eliminated the boost in self esteem is obvious. Men and women feel better about themselves and their place in society.

Botox is not a forever cure. It is a treatment that will have to be repeated every 3-6 months. This can become very costly, but still in one year you will spend much less than you would on surgical procedures, hospital stays and days lost while you recover. but what price tag is there that is too high when it comes to looking and feeling ones best.