Why Is Botox Treatment Better Than Using Wrinkle Creams?

Posted on July 17th, 2012

p61The very thing that makes Botox different is also the reason no wrinkle cream can compare with its results. Wrinkles do not start on the surface but beneath it. Creams, dermal abrasions and other topical treatments cannot hope to have much of an effect on things that are happening beneath the dermis.

Wrinkles start below the surface in the muscles. This is much farther than any surface treatment can penetrate. Yes, well moisturized skin has less visible wrinkles but that is only a pacifying move. As soon as the skin dries the wrinkles will reappear. The truth is there is not one cream on the market that works as good as or better than or just like Botox.

Creams reduce the size and depth of the creases but nothing like the results that you can get with Botox. Even the best wrinkle cream will take weeks to show any results at all while you see Botox results the same day and it gets better over the next couple of days. Creams have to be applied daily and some even have to be applied several times a day. This can mean using many tubes or jars of cream in months time.

One first inspection the cost of creams makes them seem like a much better bargain than Botox but that is just a façade. The truth is that over time you spend twice as much on creams than you do on the 4x a year treatment. A Botox treatment generally last between 3-6 months. While it cost anywhere from 300-1200 dollars a treatment thinks about it only takes 2-4 treatments each year.

The best miracle creams cast between 12-50+ dollars. You can go through them at a rate of 3 a month. Over time you spend virtually the same on the less effective creams as you would a treatment that really works. The math also points to Botox being preferable over creams.

Botox work on the horizontal lines on the forehead, the furrows between the eyes, crows feet around the outside of the eye. These places are where most people see the best results. The injections also work for the tiny lip lines that appear from applying lipstick.

Botox works because it relaxes the facial muscles. Every smile, frown, pout and bout of laughter that you have had from childhood is memorized within these muscles. The skin on the surface begins to crease permanently from the motions. No topical treatment can erase this creasing action so what is needed is to actually stop the muscles from creasing, this is exactly the role Botox plays.

Botox injections take only a matter of minutes to perform and can be done in the doctors office. The site is cleaned and an anesthetic is applied to the skin for comfort and the injections are administered. There is no lengthy surgery, hospital stay or recovery time. Many have went out for a lunch break, got their treatments and went right back to work.

The best thing about Botox over wrinkle creams is that you do not have to wait to look as young as you feel inside.