What Are The Benefits Of Botox Injections?

Posted on July 10th, 2012

botox benefitsEvery since the FDA put its stamp of approval on the use of botox for cosmetic purposes it has been the subject of much hype. Celebrities sing its praises and it has become the “go to” fix for fine line and wrinkles for people as young as 25.

For many it is like finding the fountain of youth, it is surprising indeed since Botox is a toxic derivative of Clostridium Botulinum. This is the same bacterium that is responsible for Botulism poisoning. The medication, which it was originally developed to be, causes muscles to freeze.

The first benefits of Botox injections were for medicinal purposes for chronic migraine sufferers. This is one medication for migraines that have minimal side effects. It was also used to control muscle spasm in some patients. When used to treat migraines by blocking the pain receptors.

Men who have enlarged prostates can also find relief through the miracle that is Botox. Doctors inject Botox directly into the prostate gland and this provides relief from infections and also helps with frequent urination. The side effects are not permanent, erectile dysfunction and incontinence is not a bother like with so many other treatments.

As a cosmetic Botox is beneficial for the appearance and reduction of wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes and the mouth. This treatment does not involve treating each individual wrinkle, only the underlying muscle or muscle group.

Another benefit that has recently been discovered is the contouring of the jaw line. If a patient is seeking to soften hard angular features Botox can be used instead of invasive surgery. The procedure does not require a hospital stay, it is done routinely in the office and you have very little downtime for recovery.

The fact that everyone wants to look their best, and by using Botox many women and men regain their self esteem, could reasonably seen as the best benefit of all. Until Botox came along many believed that the only solution to showing the ravishes of time was plastic surgery. This is an expensive, invasive procedure that takes a lot of healing time and many just cannot afford to be out of commission that long.

Botox has opened up the possibility of looking younger without surgery to the masses. Ti is a bit pricey but can you really put a price tag on feeling good about who you are and how you look.

There have been a lot of studies done trying to map out all of the benefits of Botox. To be sure they are bound to continue to find even more uses for the drug.